Andrew Young

When Andrew graduated from the academic world to the real word, he didn’t want to grow up. So he took a job as a designer at a children’s book & toy publisher, only to realize that he was a kid at heart but didn’t want to design for a kid’s heart. After a few years a dabbling as a creative in the travel and e-commerce industries he ran back to the academic world to gain more insights.

Andrew earned his dMBA in Design Strategies and Innovation from the California College of Arts, where he focused on user experience research and Design Thinking for business development. He is rooted in Design Thinking and empathy as a platform for change. He embraces the 5 year old in all of us; the one that keeps poking you asking “why.” He spends his days observing, listening, thinking, collaborating, analyzing, ideating, writing, and then observing some more.

He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where he hates the heat, but loves the food. Andrew is nomadic in nature as he is traveling as an advocate for Design Thinking around the world, taking pictures of lattes and searching for snow.

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