Lindsay Wolff

Lindsay knows that as sales professionals, we need to feed our souls. Sometimes sales can be tedious, numbers can be overwhelming, and the circular motion of it all can be downright exhausting!  Actually, that’s what guided her interest in Somersault (cold calling Ashley to learn more about design thinking for sales!)

She has spent the majority of her career in advertising sales at Yahoo and WebMD.  Lindsay worked with some of the largest consumer health and wellness companies in the industry and found her passion for understanding the art of the sales process.  This discovery led Lindsay into the world of sales coaching and business development. She has a passion for working with people and fine-tuning their sales skills while providing business guidance along the way. She has successfully brought all of her clients to a higher level of sales performance, putting money in everyone’s pockets as a result.

Born & raised outside of Boston and after a couple of stints in NYC & San Francisco, Lindsay decided to settle down on Martha’s Vineyard (for now!) with her husband and son who’s an island native.  She loves traveling, exploring new places by bike or hike and is always looking for great book recommendations.  Throw in a glass of wine and good conversation with friends and she’s a happy camper!

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