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Marnie is sales obsessed. If you ask her, she’ll say she started selling as soon as she could talk and now realizes her three boys (practically men) will say the same. She realizes the apple doesn’t fall far.

Marnie is a straight shooter (although very clumsy) who founded Xcelerate Performance to pursue her passion and focus on her life’s work. Marnie is on a mission to solve the sales problem through process and design. She works tirelessly to inspire salespeople to develop their technique, to be more authentic and disciplined while making tons of money and having lots of fun.

For over 8 years Marnie has built a track record of objectively assessing team and individual performances, evaluating the quality and adoption of sales and marketing strategies, and delivering hands-on recommendations and coaching to bring about immediate change. 

Prior to launching Xcelerate Performance in 2011, Marnie contributed to the success of Forrester Research by guiding transitional strategic planning efforts, pioneering next generation marketing programs, launching new product lines, and developing sales enablement programs as global vice president of marketing and strategy for the Client Group selling to IT executives. This permanent position stemmed from her successes in her previous role as senior sales and performance consultant for Forrester’s North America division, as well as previous positions in both Forrester’s marketing and sales departments.

Her consulting experience between her two multi-year stints with Forrester Research includes directing strategic operations at ReGenerate, a positive psychology training company dedicated to helping sales teams and other professional organizations increase performance.

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