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No One Does Discovery
Like Design Thinkers Do.

Our online course will teach you how.

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Sell by Design Discovery Course

Our self-paced, online program, is 2.5 hours of content comprised of short videos, account based application exercises (a playbook), knowledge and skill checks. Other highlights include:

  • Peer stories and insights from revenue professionals in other leading companies
  • Extra content for Sales Managers on successful coaching

The intended audience is Account Executives and account team members selling complex B2B offerings who want to differentiate themselves, broaden access to customer business decision makers and generate more healthy pipeline that closes in less time.

Course Roadmap

Matt Woodhams

I took the Sell by Design course 7 years ago and it is the only sales training that I remember. Leading with empathy fundamentally changed how I interact with customers and has led to multi-million dollar, multi-year deals.

13 years as an Account Executive in Enterprise Sales
Top Cloud Based Software Company

Angela Hughes

The curious seller wins, not because they have the best offering but because they have made their offering most relevant for their customers. Sell by Design Discovery offers real return in the way of more and higher quality pipeline and better deal control because one builds a deep understanding of the customer.

20 years as a seller and sales leader
Security Services & Software firm

Brianna Layton

When you stop doing discovery as a sales person and you start doing discovery as your customer’s customer, you flip the script on its head. Trust is gained more quickly, and your POV is listened to more intently. Decision makers care about what you have to say because you are now sharing a POV from the person they intend to serve, their customer.

10 years as a seller and RVP of Enterprise Sales
Top Cloud Based Software Company

Mary Tafuri

After many years, I have realized that Design Thinking is the best method to build deep client engagement because it enables you to be truly customer centric.

25 years as Sales executive and VP of global GTM Enablement and Effectiveness
Low-Code Software Company

Richard Morrison

Using design thinking for discovery is about leverage. If you want high quality pipeline, larger deals, and faster deal conversion, get your reps involved in these discovery methodologies. You won’t be disappointed.

25 years as a seller and VP of Enterprise Sales
Top Cloud Based Software Company

Tieg Herman

This approach takes selling from having a solution that is looking for a problem to solving a real customer issue. Isn’t that the whole point?

10 years as Director of Sales Enablement
Investment Company


Sell by Design Discovery drives proven results that matter to your business.

Participants using these tools will gain:

  • Increased relationships with Business Decision Makers across customer organization
  • More quality pipeline
  • Increased revenue closed in less time
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