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Uncovering new ways to delight customers and expand sales.

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Sell By Design™ —

Sell by Design™ is a hands-on training program for sales and customer facing teams. The program translates the principles of Design Thinking to the world of sales and enables sales teams to increase revenue and customer engagement.

Sell by Design™ focuses on 3 areas of the sales cycle:


    Use authentic curiosity to discover what your customer, and your customer’s customer, deeply care about.


    Build insights about your customer that spark new conversations.


    Accelerate the opportunity through the use of visuals, rapid feedback loops and storytelling.


Plus virtual coaching

The program is a 3-month learning process that kicks off with a 1 day face-to-face event, and is followed by 3 months of virtual deal coaching. Our clients consistently tell us they are inspired by the results they achieve when using this methodology.


The program offers 2.5 hours of online content, which can be taken all at once, or over time as best fits your schedule and objectives. There are 3 primary sections: Discovery, Insight & Acceleration. Each section has a strategy and set of tools, followed by extra tips, account planning guide and manager coaching guide. Learn more HERE.

Learn More in our book, Naked Sales


  • Increased pipeline and revenue
  • Account Executives’ renewed understanding of what it means for their clients to embrace change
  • Deeper customer engagement
  • Increased call connects
  • Increased credibility and trust with customers

“Next to a direct referral, we’ve found Sell By Design™ is our best way to crack into an account.”

Salesforce Mark Mikitka
Senior Regional Vice President, Enterprise Corporate Sales, Salesforce