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Sell By Design™ —

Proven Training for Today’s Sales Pros.

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What we do
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Sell By Design™ includes real-world application and ongoing support with target accounts, driving immediate value for your team. 

Tap into your selling superpowers

Sell By Design™ sales training leverages Design Thinking to turn sellers into customer-centric problem solvers. The result? Increased revenue, engaged contacts and empowered salespeople.


Somersault broke the mold on sales training and the results have been incredible. The content was spot on, and the learning pathway over the 3- month period supportive and valuable. Our pipeline and revenue growth has surpassed any expectation as a direct result of your work. You have changed how we sell.

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Corporate Sales

What we do

Sell By Design Online
Designed for the today’s virtual selling experience

The 3 month program includes: 

  • 2.5 hours of online content interspersed with account application
  • 90 Day Deal Acceleration Challenge
  • A gamified experience with Sellers focused on growing 1-2 target accounts
  • Asynchronous coaching and feedback for 3 months for each Seller by Somersault Consultant
  • Leaderboard highlighting top stories of success
  • Manager involvement throughout
  • At the end of 3 months, results are tallied and shared.
What we do

In-Person Training
When your offices re-open, we're ready

All Sell by Design skills are taught in a 1-day, interactive and highly engaging workshop.

  • Sellers learn the tools of Design Thinking that will accelerate their deal cycle
  • They do real Discovery outside the classroom
  • They interview your customers for new insight
  • They present to their Manager what they have learned and their action plan for the next 90 days
  • They pursue their 90-Day challenge with virtual coaching capped with a team call to share results.
The Book
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Naked Sales - We liberate your team to blow away their numbers.

“Jones and Welch have truly “hacked” into customer behavior and understand deeply that the real protagonists in business are the customers, themselves!”

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What we do

Experience the difference of
Design Thinking in sales

  • Increased revenue and pipeline

  • Deeper connections with prospects and clients

  • More impactful client solutions

  • Reinvigorated sales culture

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