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Let's Talk!

Sell by Design increases pipeline in existing accounts by 400%.

“What we saw with every single individual that went through the program was an increase in pipeline.”

- Allison Montgomery, Global Sales Enablement Leader


  • A leading technology company had grown through a series of acquisitions but was struggling to cross-sell into existing customers across their larger platform.​


  • Sales teams had been siloed respective to their legacy products.
  • Sellers only conducted discovery relative to their known product sets and were not growing their accounts.


  • The company engaged Somersault to launch Sell by Design across a cross section of sellers to test the program in each of their solution areas.
  • After virtual Sell by Design training, sellers were coached in their efforts with one key account over the course of one quarter.


  • Total pipeline in all targeted accounts increased from a baseline of $2.7M to $10.7M within the quarter.
  • NPS program score from AEs: 8.7

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