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Design Thinking for Sales Teams

Transform Your Sales Organization. Unlock Crazy Revenue.

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See Bigger Results, Faster.

At Somersault Innovation, we don’t just talk the customer-centric talk; we guarantee new sales behaviors that truly ARE customer-centric. You’ll see bigger, better results, faster. The best part? All of our services are offered in-person or online.

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Next to a direct referral, we’ve found Sell By Design™ is our best way to crack into an account.

Senior Regional Vice President, Enterprise Corporate Sales, Salesforce

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Three modules, 5-10 minutes each which Somersault Innovation created for Salesforce to post on Trailhead. You can take them too! Get the link by signing up below:

What we do

Experience the Up-Leveling of Design Thinking in Sales

  • Increased revenue and pipeline

  • Effective, customer-centric processes

  • More engaged, excited sellers

  • Deeper connections with prospects and clients

  • More impactful client solutions

  • Reinvigorated sales culture