Let's Talk!
Let's Talk!

Design Thinking cracks the code on reviving “at risk” account and turning it into one of the largest partnerships.

"I've been doing this for 15 years, and I thought I'd learned all the tricks....and what I think you'll find in this course is being able to speak the language that every customer cares about, which is their customers."

- Andrew H, Strategic Account Rep


  • A top Sales Enablement SaaS company was targeting a B2B media company undergoing aggressive growth through acquisitions.


  • The SaaS company couldn't grab the attention of the media firm's executives amidst the acquisition chaos.
  • Previous deal attempts were halted due to budget constraints.


Our client's Account Executive applied the Design Thinking principles learned in Sell by Design to:

  • Analyze podcasts with the B2B media firm's executives to decipher their acquisition goals.
  • Focus on the needs of his customer's sellers who were adjusting to selling newly-acquired products.
  • Curate stories from those sellers, spotlighting the challenges they had introducing new
    products to existing accounts.


  • Closed a $4M deal in just 5 months, notably faster than the usual sales cycle.
  • Gained the trust of the media company's executives and managers, who revealed the root cause of budgetary constraints that stalled prior deals.
  • Devised a strategy to address the funding challenge and reallocate existing budget to support the lead generation and cross-selling goals of executives.
  • Our client's Account Executive was later invited to speak to the media company's sellers on his successful sales approach with them!

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