The Medical organization for Neurology in a global pharma company needed help transforming the way they engage with healthcare providers. A senior leader in the company framed it best saying, “…we’re scientists, we’re solution centric. Often times our tendency or knee-jerk reaction is to say ‘Oh! There’s the problem. We know how to fix it!’ and then we jump right to a solution, any solution.”

We worked with the Medical Neurology team to help them engage with 10 thought leaders across the United States, from Nurse Practitioners, to Academic Researches to physician specialists with decades of experience in their field—not to find solutions, but to empathize with their professional experiences. We brought them all together in an Advisory Board to reflect on the team’s insights and participate in wild rounds of brainstorming in search of better ways to collaborate. Both care providers and pharma team members were energized by the number and novelty of solutions generated and were eager to begin implementing them.

About the outcomes, the sponsor stated, “Somersault really got us thinking about what the customer wants and needs, not what we think the customer wants and needs. Shifting our thought process on that front was huge.” Somersault is now working with the entire US Medical organization across Neurology, Immunology, Oncology and Fertility to help them discover new ways to create value, both for healthcare providers and for patients.

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