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Design-Powered Problem Solving

Solve Unsolvable Business Challenges

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What we do
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Design Thinking thrives in complexity. We’ll teach you how to solve your most wicked problems.

What we do

The Somersault Approach

We teach your teams to solve and transform the problems they face. We provide expert guidance and ongoing coaching to one or more teams to help them apply Design Thinking real-time to your challenges. You’ll not only solve the problem at hand, you’ll also gain enduring capabilities to tackle future problems. 

No problem is too big or too complex to be solved with Design Thinking.

What we do

A Simple, Proven Process to
Drive Innovation

We’ve created a framework that empowers your team to methodically solve complex challenges:

  • Assemble and orient your internal Design Thinking team.

  • Create a compelling problem statement (a Design Challenge) for the team to solve.

  • Use human-centered research methods to determine root causes.

  • Synthesize new insights.

  • Generate multiple, novel solution ideas.

  • Conduct rapid, low-risk experiments to learn which solutions could be scaled for greatest impact.

  • Present the project and its outcomes to decision makers for the resources necessary to implement solutions.

Samantha Maier

We wanted to build our capability in design thinking to support others in our organization. What we gained working with Somersault Innovation was so much more! We built our capability and also developed the mindset and tools needed to make the shift from a traditional learning team to a more strategic team.

AVP Learning and Organizational Development, MFS Investment Management

What we do


  • Overcome critical problems for your business

  • Design better, lasting solutions

  • Gain skills that can be used again and again

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