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Let's Talk!

Tech giant grew their early stage pipeline by 2.5X and their qualified pipeline by 6X using Sell by Design methods.

"Sell by Design has enabled our account teams to truly understand the customer’s business, thereby enabling us to offer a solution that resonates with the expected business outcomes. This has led us to fairly quickly get to a level where we have two concrete customer cases. We have a true partnership with them."

- Oliver Barlow, Account Executive, Enterprise Technology Sales


  • A leading technology firm planned an aggressive growth strategy built upon closer alignment with its customers using both industry alignment and a new sales model emphasizing quality discovery.


  • Even with the new model, discovery was not a strength for this organization.
  • Too many sellers remained locked into their traditional relationships with customer IT groups, leaving larger opportunity with business leaders on the table​.


Somersault engaged with four industry-aligned sales teams across four markets—Canada Energy and Resources, Canada Financial Services, Western Europe Financial Services and UK Retail and Consumer Goods—with clear objectives to:

  • Grow early “Stage 1” Pipeline.
  • Grow qualified “Stage 2” Pipeline.
  • Expand customer contacts and build non-IT relationships.


  • Achieved $14M in new Stage 1 Pipeline and $4M in qualified Stage 2 Pipeline.
  • Closed a $900K deal.
  • Added 190 new decision-maker level contacts, 47 of whom were outside IT.
  • Our most engaged team realized a 2.5X multiplier of Stage 1 Pipeline in supported accounts versus control accounts in the same market; and a whopping 6X multiplier for qualified Stage 2 Pipeline.
  • All the above results were achieved during fiscal Q4, when sellers are traditionally focused on closing business​.

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