Let's Talk!
Let's Talk!

SaaS startup sees uplift in pipeline and ACV using a customer centered approach.

"Design thinking in sales is super important right now….There is no faster sales cycle than when your customer can see their fingerprints all over the solution because they were part of the design."

- Seema Jain, VP of Professional Services


  • Saas start up, wanted to create customer focused interactions, that are personalized to the customer.


  • The realization that “ust pitching” does not work any more.  A solution must be co-designed with the customer’s input.
  • Need to learn co-creation techniques and mindsets.


Somersault engaged with the GTM team on multiple occasions at SKOs, small group interactions, and in co-lead public facing webinars to teach the mindsets and tools of design thinking for sales.


  • Sellers learned how to use simple customer journey maps with their customers.
  • Uplift in pipeline, win rates and annual contract value by using a human centered design approach.

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