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Sell By Design Online

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SBDO is an innovative approach to deepening customer relationships and increasing deal size. We’ve taken some of the best, most practical tools from the world of Design Thinking and put them in the hands of sales professionals with phenomenal results.
This toolkit is complementary to other sales methodologies your organization may be using. It offers additional tools that help customer facing professionals master the art of sales and achieve trusted advisor status with their customers.
We took what we have been doing in the classroom with hundreds of sales professionals and brought it to the virtual world so that we can offer these tools to even more customer-facing professionals worldwide.

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Sell by Design Online

Learn the tools of design thinking to turbo charge your sales process.

“By taking a customer-centric approach to discovery, we became a student of our customer’s business. When we shared our insights at the executive level we gained instant credibility. This could very well be one of the fastest zero dollar to multimillion dollar partnerships we have seen in the history of our company.”

Brad Hanggi AVP Enterprise Sales, Salesforce
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interactive Video &  E-learning Lessons

interactive Video & E-learning Lessons

Skill Checks & gamified practice scenario

Skill Checks & gamified practice scenario

Application worksheet for your accounts

Application worksheet for your accounts

Manager Coaching guide

Manager Coaching guide

Extra tips & video stories from Sales Professionals

Extra tips & video stories from Sales Professionals

Program Overview

The program includes 2.5 hours of online content, which can be taken all at once, or over time as best fits your schedule and objectives. There are 3 primary sections, each with a strategy and set of tools, followed by extra tips, account planning guide and manager coaching guide.


Go deep in understanding what your customer and their customer’s care about to expand opportunity.

  • Learn specific prompts that supercharge your curiosity
  • Learn Discovery techniques to connect more deeply with and learn great information from your customers


Translate what you’ve discovered into first hand insights that spark new conversations with your customers.

  • Learn how to enhance your natural empathy with your customers
  • Learn how to engage your customer with newsworthy and revealing insights


Learn how to use story-telling and visuals to increase customer engagement and move more quickly to co-creation.

  • Learn how to increase your agility to keep your deal moving forward
  • Learn the 3 key ingredients to telling great stories
  • Discover an easy way to whiteboard and engage your customer

Extra Tips & Stories

Review extra coaching tips and hear stories from sales professionals who have used the tools of Sell by Design to win big.

Select from:

  • 9 quick video coaching tips
  • 9 short videos of sellers who describe how they have used these tools to succeed in their accounts